Grading System:
1 - Poor, needs improvement
2 - Satisfactory but room for improvement
3 - Satisfactory
4 - Good
5 - Excellent

Customer Survey

Thank-you for taking the time to complete our survey.  Your response will assist us in our goal to continually improve our products and services.  Please rate your response to each question from 1 to 5.


1. Customer Service:
    a) Is our staff friendly and responsive?
    b) Is our staff knowledgeable and helpful?
    c) Is it easy to place your order?
2. Delivery:
    a) Do your orders arrive on time?
    b) Are your orders complete and correct?
3. Product:
    Do our products meet your requirements?
4. Value:
    Are you satisfied with the value you receive from Quatic?
 5. Are there any other products or services that we can provide for you?